Fall 2014

​July 10-Aug 2,2014

Thrusday, Friday, Saturday Only!!!


July 9,2014

This weekend we will have heirloom tomato, peppers, eggplant and ground cherries. Next weekend we will add summer and winter squash, cucumber, green beans and night scented tobacco to our offerings!
(and possibly broccoli and cauliflower)

Varieties available now are the following:

Cherokee Purple, Black from Tula, Carbon, Gary ‘O Sena, Debbie’s Paste, Doug’s Delight, German Johnson, Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter, Pruden’s Purple, Fourth of July, Sioux, Rutgers, Oregon Spring, Eva Purple Ball, Burgundy Traveler, Arkansas Traveler, Camp Cousin, Siletz, Oxheart, Green Zebra, Cherokee Green, Yellow 1884 Pinkheart, Yellow Flame (Juane Flammee), Principe Borghese, Tommy Toe Cherry, Black Cherry, Hawaiian Cherry, Red Sweet 100 Cherry, Yellow Sweet 100 Cherry, Casino Chip Cherry.

Early Jalapeno
Big Jim Hatch
Ancient Sweet Numex Red
Jimmy Nardello Italian Sweet Frying Pepper

Ping Tung Long

Ground Cherries
Aunt Molly’s

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for more specific questions.

See you soon!

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